Brit Lobsinger, rp


Who They Help: Adults 

Services Offered: Individual therapy, Clinical Supervision & Healing/Support for therapists. 

Treatment Approach: Attachment-based, Cognitive Behavioural, Coaching, Emotion focused, Mindfulness-Based, Somatic, Energetic and intuitive healing 

Specialties: Trauma & PTSD, Identifying, understanding & healing relational, attachment & core emotional wounds, Healing mind/body/soul, Life & Relationship Support

Logistics: In-person and video or phone sessions are available. Registered Psychotherapist

Personal tidbit: I love music and playing the drums, am passionate about learning through my unique journey of reconnection with myself, spirituality and healing, as well as spending time laughing and dancing with family and friends and being in nature. “

 From Brit

“I am a holistic psychotherapist offering space and presence, education and understanding, experiences and tools to individuals interested in healing from the effects of unresolved trauma, unhelpful relationship patterns, loss (of self, identity, others), grief and various other life changes and challenges. Specializing in attachment, relationships, trauma, spirituality, energetic and intuitive healing, personal development and growth, and healing stored emotional and relational wounds and trauma at the nervous system level.

My journey in practice which began over 20 years ago, has led me to gain much experience, training and more of an understanding of what trauma is, how and why it can be stored and leave us feeling dysregulated, overwhelmed, stuck, unwell and unhappy with ourselves and our lives. I am passionate about learning and practicing how we can grow and work towards healing mentally, emotionally and physically. I am inspired by the wisdom and resilience of the body and its innate ability to know how to heal itself. Suppose we are open and committed to listening and trusting ourselves and the process. In that case, we can create more capacity, become more resilient and feel more free, happy and whole – mind, body and soul!

My goal is to help support you on your own unique journey of growth, healing and learning to feel whole again. By blending elements of different therapy/healing modalities during our sessions, we can focus on the mind, body and soul. I am excited to support you on your journey!

I also provide clinical supervision and supportive/healing sessions for psychotherapists:

  • Who are beginning their journey of practicing psychotherapy and would like or require some guidance/clinical supervision
  • Who are interested in personal support and healing
    (energy/somatic/reconnecting to self/soul/intuition)

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